Looking for quality custom route Blueprints

There’s so much opportunity in FH4’s map, I’ve played all the races the devs made, so I’m looking for races created by community for a change. The issue is that the in-game Blueprint seatcher feature is useless. All I see is 0.3 mile races, routes with AI glitches, money maker glitches etc… No Blueprints with really fun custom routes.

I figured the best way to find those is to follow good Blueprint creators, or find an online forum where people post good custom routes. Any ideas?

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I have a killer custom blueprint for Elmsdon on the Sea that I set up for testing S2 and XXX cars. I turn off all assists (insane) and set the AI to unbeatable, but set manual trans without the clutch. There is a glitch in the program itself though. At random it says I missed a checkpoint (one that is set up at the entry of tunnel one and impossible to miss). Happens usually when I hold a skill streak over 6 or 7 and am start about 1 mile into the next lap. amusing way to spend 1.5 hours. 25 laps. Glitch happens 1 or 2 times in the race. It gives a good amount of Wheelspins. I have used the MC12 Corsa and the FXX Evolution tunes i set up. I use the Logitech G920 with stick, .makes quick downshifts a snap.

I’ve come up with some different versions of my Elmsdon on the sea. One with only one checkpoint at the top circle and another with about 5 checkpoints. I think checkpoints generate skill multipliers (let me know if I am wrong). I’m trying to eliminate the missed checkpoint glitch. Happy Racing!!!

I have a fair few blueprints created, across Mainland, Fortune Island, and Lego Valley.

I’ve that many that I can’t give details of what and where, although I do have a few Truck Races in Fortune Island that fits in nicely with this week’s truck FP theme.

Some are easy races others are testing and a few which will have you screaming at them cause you need to tune your vehicle in order to beat the AI (on unbeatable) and find the ideal race line).

Feel free to follow and give them a go, I’m sure you’ll find something in my list to enjoy, feedback welcomed.

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I get a big kick out of tuning and testing my fastest cars.

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Snap, and thankfully with Rivals being updated this aspect keeps me entertained for hours. :slight_smile:

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If you look at mu creative hub (Daddyj47) I have a few (what I think) are good ones. My son likes technical driving so have routes that combine fast sections for me and technical sections for him. The best one, for me, is at Bambergh Castle (turn and burn) that I set up to tune out the Senna.

All of my custom routes are the best and perfect and amazing so go check them out right now please
(Sarcasm, sarcasm, sorry Idk how to self promote sarcastically or normally)

But seriously though, I’ve made a few custom routes I’m quite proud of; ones that I race on pretty regularly and think could possible be better than most standard in game routes if only I could place some braking distance markers/walls/etc.

…and I’ve made a few absolute garbage routes as well, sorry. Big difference though is I never change the default title on the garbage ones, but ones I think are alright or better get creative names for their respective blue prints.

So anyways back to the point-ish: I’ve had the best luck finding carefully well made routes by searching specific terms (i.e, “touge” and it’s many spellings). It seems like if someone is capable of taking the huge effort of typing in a new name for their blueprint/route (other than “BIG $$$$ CLICK BAIT ROUTE TITLE”) then they’re probably someone who at least tries to make their routes decent/puts a modicum of effort into it.

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I have a few versions of the Elmsdon on the Sea. Trying to get rid of glitches. Made for those that playing pedal to the floor wio

I have currently only one route uploaded but it does fullfil its purpose amazingly well. Designed as a test track for S900 cars it became my test track for S998, S900 & A800.
For S900 and S998 it generates very reliable results which often mirror the general assumption of a car. I’ve run every S2 & S1 car on it in numerous builds and a huge selection of A-class cars as well.
For S900 you are looking at ~5.50 minutes per lap so it’s rather long. I’ve become so familiar with it that I can run two laps with the same car within a 1 second difference.

Unfortunately it only works as a test track. The AI is completely overstrained with some corners - meaning it overshoots them.
It starts at Astmoore Circuit and is called “Forest Run”.

Ive got quite a few on my storefront but several others dotted around the map

The majority are rally based on different season and most are very long often taking over 10 min to complete but often cover routes the base games routes don’t cover

My favourites are the Festival snowycross (found at the race outside the festival) which is a techical snow/road circuit around the festival, Inside out which is a circuit starting out in edinburgh covering every nook and cranny within edinburgh before ending with some country road driving and the various blaze tour events which are best described as extreme rally conditions with a focus on speed one is found just outside the quarry whereas the other 2 are located at the dirt events near ambleside

My most popular tracks to date are:


While my newest is:

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ive made 2 custom route circuits that i would be happy if you tried them out and gave me some feed back 1 is on the main land and the other is on fortune island when looking up my gamer tag make sure to ignore the 50 lap version of the fortune island route its more for endurance >.<

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There are mini-reviews of some custom routes here: https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst152335p4_Open-Chat-Thread---FH4-General-Game-Chat.aspx?=

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while this discussion is up how does one shared an updated version of a route as Ive made an updated version of a city circuit ive made previosuly but can’t for the life of me get it to turn up on search no matter how many previous blueprints ive deleted

Good news! My Bamburgh - Astmoor Rally Trail event for Retro Rally cars has been promoted into the PG Editor’s Choice!

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Hey congratulations! It’s indeed great route and really deserves that spotlight. :thumbs

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