Looking for people to help complete specific online free roam challenges

Hey there. I’m looking for people to complete four specific free roam challenges with - Sprint Challenge 2, Sprint Challenge 3, Speed Trap Challenge 3, and Speed Zone Challenge 3. I need this not for the Cruise Club achievement, as I already have it, but for game completion. However, once those challenges are done with, I can stay and help you with six (or however many you need) more to get the achievement.
Those four challenges are considered to be a bit on a difficult side, so they may take some time to finish.
I’ve created the session on TrueAchievements (the one for August 2nd), so you can either join the session there or leave a message here, if you are interested.
Important note - I need eight players for this, as all of the challenges, but one, require that number of people. If not enough players join by the needed date, I will postpone the session until the next week. If several attempts fail, I will terminate it altogether. So if you have someone who you can invite for this, I kindly ask you to do so.
The session start time is 2 p.m. GMT.

One of the challenges has been completed and only three eight-player ones now remain. They are worth 3 million Credits in total, so if anyone wants to clear them and get a money boost, as well, you’re welcome.

I’ve completed the remaining challenges a while ago, so no help is needed with them anymore. Putting this out there as I got the question about that on the other site I’ve posted this on.

I’ve tried to get the 190 over Finley Dam with 8 people so many times. One person always ruins it.

If someone else is looking for this one, hit me up.