Looking for people to drift with!

Hey my GT is SWL BEAST

I’m pretty good at drifting, know a lot of areas around the map, I’m a pretty chill dude for the most part

Need some people to rip around the map so I don’t have to do it with public lobby kids, thnx

Hi mate,

Send me an invite in game - sparked titan

Hi bud, I’m down to drift just shoot me an invite dragdog77

Hey mate.
Im keen to drift with you blokes aswell. I dont have a mic but hit me up. My GT is kainooo

Feel free to join my club were getting as many people together so that people always have someone to drift with club name is MOUSE

I run a group that drifts daily, ForzaCruises [FCR]

More that welcome to join, we also do a lot of other stuff as well like drag racing, cruising, car shows, top gear style challenges etc.