Looking for new Forza friends/racers

Just kind of sick of racing rivals or against the AI all the time. Love racing and need some new people to enjoy forza with. I also have some knowledge on tuning, so if you need help dialing in a certain setup I can help with that. Up for any kind of racing!

Add my Gamertag
Machinegun Knap

And send me a message/invite. Thanks :slight_smile:

Im a casual clean racer if you want to add me. Im in the EST and have a family so I race at different times of the day and night…

Feel free to add me!

I’ll be on quite a bit for the next couple months. Dirty Pontiac is my name, I enjoy A,B, and C class races. I really like B class, just fast enough to be fun and the low class keeps the races closer. I’ll play between 11pm and 1 or 2 am almost every day of the week.

add me I’m always down

You can add me if you like.

I’ve added some of uu :slight_smile: and i am addable too

Feel free to add me :wink: