looking for ford capri fe

looking to buy forza capri fe. my offer is over 100mil. let me know if you have one on xbox please. gamertag same as on here: seeracha thank you =]

Since you kind of trash everybody for their offers on rare cars, here you go.

I have been offered Camaro PO + Porsche PO + CRs (to be defined) for my Capri FE. Your “over 100Mio” offer is terrible. Especially when you said you sold Porsche PO for 200Mio.

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pshh youre a rookie if you don’t take that deal then hahahah. they are coming back to the forza shop eventually get that threw your thick skull. and maybe learn to read I said over 100 mill. so anything over 100 mill. not 100 million smart guy. pre orders are worth more hahah ive got offered over 300 mil. not taking that deal is hilarious on your part rofl

I wasn’t expecting a better answer from you, especially on the over 100Mio part. Whatever, CRs are pointless in this game. “huur duuur I have best bank account in FH4”

I have friends to whom I give my duplicate POs, if I ever have another Capri FE, it’s gonna be gave away to one of them. Maybe you can’t do such a thing.

And the Capri FE tuned correctly is so enjoyable to drive that for even 1 billion of CRs I wouldn’t let it go.

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okay we will see in a couple months lol capri will be out for a cup weeks. then what will people want? po cars capri isn’t on that level in my opinion. if not im waiting until it comes out…

Capri FE will come to Forzathon shop. But the question is WHEN? Till then the sellers have all the leverage in the deals.

Where are true Unicorn cars like GTR PO, Focus PO, M-B AMG PO?
Has anyone seen one ever in the AGH?