Looking for Cat n Mouse Friends

Hi everybody,

Now that school is out for the Summer, I have a bit more time to play forza. I am looking to add some people who will be interested in running some private sessions of cat and mouse. We play a bit differently, being that the mouse is C class, and the cat can be anything they want (for example, a R class AWD Lexus LFA). 1st mouse only (but mice can wreck who they want whenever they want), and teams of 2. It is still extremely fun, and I have been playing this since forza 2.

If you guys are into cat and mouse, sheppard, or even hopper racing, let me know, as I am always looking for people to maximize fun in our lobbies. Plus, it is hard to get a lobby of at least 6 people to do this lol. Add me on xbox or send me a message!

Also, I think I have seen some cat and mouse threads locked before by mods. I am sorry if I am breaking some rules. I think that was because it was more of a wishlist thing. This is just to add friends interested in playing, so sorry if that is still repetitive.