Looking for Active drift club on XboxONE. Forza Horizon 2

Ive been drifting on the Forza series since 2011 On Forza Motorsport 3.

I have Continued the interest in Forza Drifting through;
-Forza Motorsport 3
-Forza Motorsport 4
-Forza Horizon
-Forza Motorsport 5
and Now onto Forza Horizon 2.

On Forza 4, In my spare time I Reached some feats in my eyes that Im pretty proud of.
This is from reaching Ranked 60th Global on Fujumi Kiado Leaderboards (Lap Recorded here): Forza 4 Drift video

To Creating drift montages with my Loved forza 4 team, DrifTRawK: Team drift video

I have a HDPVR Gaming Edition 2, For recording on the Xbox 360.

But now as My Team Remains on Forza 4 Xbox 360, and im looking to progress to next Gen, Its time I meet new people, And create new friendships. Im a casual drifter that can become very competitive at times. I am Capible of drifting RWD, AWD and FWD. Im able to create my own tunes and dont have tp rely on others, (But I do Enjoy seeing what tunes others can create). Im in the United Kingdom, But Im able to play US Timezones too, And have a headset.

I am a Founder and Developer of the XE03 Gaming Community, Where Gaming reviews are posted, Teams are advertised, And events are hosted. Youcan visit the professional website here if it grabs your interest:My Gaming Communitys website

And also If your interested in seeing some other videos Ive created, Please feel free to view my youtube ‘GP Industries’ My Youtube channel

Message me on Xbox live if I would be able to come drift within your club! :stuck_out_tongue:
Gamertag- www xe03 com

im putting together a competition drift team if you’re interested

Add me if u want. I’m free most days. Looking for a new club n love to cruise n drift. :slight_smile:

[#HHz] HeadHunterz - drift club

im lookin for same thing. so hmu on live to do some sliding

I’m looking for people on live to drift with… in fm5 and fh2. Hmu on live to get together… I do all my own paints and tunes… amateur drifter looking for online friends to drift with

I have been drifting since fall 2007 on Forza Motorsport 2, worked my way up threw all the games as they were released currently drifting on Horizon 2. I am looking for a competitive drift team. I do all events from GT racing to rally to drifting (obviously). If anyone has a team or is on a team looking for a very experienced drifter that also likes to cruise and have a good time add and message me on XB1.

I’ve been drifting in real life since 03 and on forza since original xbox lol…I’ve finally started putting an active mature club together call Sidelong add me on the 1 and check out my video clips…we’re always welcoming active drivers. But I don’t just add anyone so come drift wit us and have fun… Gt is Lekoq Grande