Looking for a piece of Forza Lost Media

According to a mate, there was an image featuring a Boat R8, which was riding through the water in front of the “Amalfi Coast” track, it was released around April Fools 2009, the only evidence of the existence of that joke is the image below, which is taken from a tweet from 2009.

It’s gone missing to the point where @T10ManteoMax has zero idea on the image’s whereabouts, if anyone has any info, that’d be appreciated


Potential Picture of the boat

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Have you tried the Wayback Machine?

Yes, nothing came up

I only find this after a quick search:

They mention a picture but I can’t see it because I rejected their stupid cookies

That is broken

Type in ‘forza warersport’ and go to google images. It’s the first one on top with the 3 faded logo’s. Still no boat though

Which is the issue, that Forza Watersport logo has now been saved on the Internet Archive (because somehow, no one has bothered before), but there was also that image of a boat, which is currently lost media

You could try contacting T10 about it. Maybe someone there still knows about it?

I believe phREDesign was the person behind this… I’ll see if i can find anything


Here is how I remember this:

March 2009, FM3 had not officially been announced, that announcement was not going to happen till E3. Che was great at building hype and was using each pitpass report to bring people to a frenzy. I had seen someone joke on the forums about the next game being watersport and mentioned it to Che. As April Fools day was coming up we both thought it would be funny to do a whole pitpass report about the new game Forza Watersport. So I worked up the logo above and started working on getting boat/car graphics together. However, when this idea was mentioned to upper management it was soundly shot down, like soundly.

So fast forward to May and people were buzzing about the yet unreleased FM3 logo. The one posted a few threads above was someone’s idea of new FM3 logo which then another person made into the watersports joke. I showed that to Che and we laughed about how funny you folks thought it was and he then featured it in the Pitpass Report and tweeted it out that night.

So yes there was mention of Forza Watersports but it was never fully realized and only mentioned in a pitpass report and on twitter. My work has never been seen until today. By the way the nautical flags spell April Fools.

Side note: finding this logo allowed me to find so many more things I did that you guys don’t know I did. Art, images and production of the FM theme for the Xbox, FM3 promo brochure, mock-ups for Forza TV, cars cars and more cars. That was all just for FM2 and 3.

Anyways, happy driving to ya all. Thanks for the memory lane


And so many were April Fool’d! Great times back then! Thanks for the full, authoritative background!

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Forza history is coming out of the woodwork around here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think there could somethin’ in Forza Watersports. You could pop into the auction house and buy a US Battleship. Or a Japanese aircraft carrier. Get a Soviet sub, evade your sea faring competitors and if you get by them, you park it outside of duh big city and watch all the punters run for cover whilst you threaten them with nuclear annihilation heh-heh-heh. Yeaaaah.

Nah. Hardly E for Everyone worthy. LOL!

OMG it’s the OWL…good times remembered. Work so undervalued and under appreciated.

Here is another juicy tidbit from that time…we had thousands upon thousands of FM2 license plate covers. I was sending like five out to anyone who emailed us their address. Then Che had the great idea to send unicorn cars out to anyone who showed us pictures of car with the plate covers. Well some great gentleman sent us an email of him placing the plates on random cars…one being a police car. Contest ended. Good times!

More Oven.

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First of all, i’d like to thank everybody that responded here for their responses.

Special thanks to @TGS_Hoss360 for responding and getting this to the right person and extra special thanks to @phREDESIGN for giving us insight into how this came to be, it was an interesting read.

Side note, i may have also located the origin of the above logo


License plate frame in question

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I remember, I love it.

That’s pretty cool! Are there more Forza memorabilia and collectibles like that?

Just a few… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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