Looking for a league to join

Im looking for a FM7 racing league to join, im not an amazing driver but id like to do more clean racing and try to improve. I don’t own a mic if that is a problem, but other than that im fairly flexable and open to different types of motorsport

Milage Master’s Championship is an amazing league that has a wide range of skill levels. Every weekend is a new car and track combo with custom homologation restrictions. It’s streamed by the league owner. Today we just finished up the season and will be having a non-official fun race sunday aug. 19th at 10pm CST. We normally don’t take a long break like that, but we’re at that stage of growing that this time off will be important for the league.

Join us at Discord. Discord

Past races to get an idea of what MMC is about - Twitch

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Check out 2old4forza man. We have our headline series on thursday nights, school on monday for mechanics training and casual nighr scattered within

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As Gears has mentioned, we’d be happy to have you participate in the Mileage Masters Championship. Season 3 starts Sept. 2 at 10 a.m. CT. Details on the first race of the season will be announced Sunday, Aug. 19 at Twitch. And check out the past broadcasts to see what we’re all about!

Check out IFCA - International Fast Community Alliance. We are starting a new season. Please check out this URL. To get more detail information.


This is a great 2 man Team Series that offers 2 different Divisions of GS and ST class cars That compare to the Continental Tire style Team racing.

All the cars are Spec built to within a few 10ths in speed.