Looking at starting my own drift crew

just wanted to see how much interest id get from it if i started my own crew. the crew would be active and we would constantly be drifting or cruising. it would be on xbox one, just add me on xbox or reply to this if ur interested. if we can get enough members we might be able to go into championships and stuff too. just testing the water to see who would be down for joining.

Hi, i would be intrested in some drifting pals.i say go for it

I was thinking of starting a crew too have a few people ready to join so was going to set it up soon want to join as one crew? :slight_smile:

You set it up yet mate I will join tonight if you have what class is everyone running?

Was going to but you seem to be the only person really interested in actually joining now xD I was hoping for a crew where everyone ran with whatever they’re comfortable with :slight_smile:

I’m down. Add me: xK00l Aid Man (the o’s are zeros)

If your on tonight hit me up with an inv and we will see if we can find some others to run with us as we go probably easier to find some folks in our timezone mate.

im always up for cruising and drifting add me on xbox one - iamzhys. im always up for it just message me! i wold also love to join a crew if other people are up for it aswell

I’ll be on in a bit I’ll hit you up! Good idea you’re probably right! Could be easier to get a crew :slight_smile:
Iamzhys got your add I’ll invite you when I’m on too :slight_smile:

im down for that dylan just add me on xbox and message me once your on and we can talk, also who ever wants to join just message me about it and we can sort stuff out