Long Beach Street Circuit

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Long Beach Street Circuit

Long Beach is a real world defined street circuit in California, used by IMSA and IndyCar.

Long Beach was included as a track in FM7.

We absolutely NEED long beach in FM8! :heart_eyes:


Long Beach is one of the greatest tracks in Motorsport, Only in the Xbox One era.

It would be SUPERB to have it back in the new Motorsport!


Really hope this comes back soon.

As FM is now purely about circuit racing, we need a proper street circuit in the mix.


Current layout:

One of the historic layouts (1982):


I honestly dreaded whenever Long Beach popped up next in FM5, but I still loved the track, would love to see added to the new game. I just feared those roundabout turns. :laughing:


Very much the same, especially in a lobby full of people eager to divebomb there. I hope they add the older layout too, no roundabout in there.

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Beautiful :smile:

Acura Long Beach (formerly Toyota Long Beach)

Here’s why Long Beach needs to return,

One of the new race cars that were featured in FM 2023 (e.g. Cadillac V-Series.R, Corvette C8.R, Acura ARX), were racing in the exact Long Beach GP circuit that existed in the Xbox One Motorsport titles.