Logitech TrueForce supported?

I was searching for the answer some time, but couldn’t find.
Please tell me the answer if you know it.

Hi! I read an article showing all the supported wheels for this game. I’ve wanted a racing wheel for my pc forever and I heard good things about the Logitech G923 so I picked one of them up. However, when reading the PC Gamer review for the G923 it shows in the Negatives column, “Too few TrueForce supported games”. From what I understand the TRUEFORCE system is really the only major difference between the older G920 and the newer G923. So I am wondering if this game will support the feature or not?

I can still return the wheel and get the G920 for 100 dollars less but from what I’ve read when the TRUEFORCE system does work in games it adds to the immersion and fun. So to me that is worth the extra cost, assuming the game supports it. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Just wanted to add that I did search the forums for info before I posted this. I found 2 threads, one from a month ago and one from 13 days ago. Neither of them got and answer so I figured I would post.

even if it doesnt support trueforce let me know how the g923 feels while playing fh5 im planning on picking it up if it goes on sale on black friday.

G923 owner here, just want to clarify a couple of things. Trueforce is not the only difference between the G923 and the G920. The biggest upgrade is the brake pedal! Trueforce and the LED lights are fine and all but what made me buy the G923 were the pedals, not the new shiny lights. :slight_smile: Unless you are willing to mod your brake pedal, the difference in price between the two models justifies sticking with the G923 just for the pedal.

Although I haven’t played FH5 yet, G923 felt ok with FH4. It took a lot of tinkering to make it feel nice but it does work. My issue with playing FH4 with a wheel compared with other games is that on other games it felt I was driving a car wherein FH4 felt the wheel was more of a large controller. A good example is that my daughter (who doesn’t drive in real life) is more able than I am at just cruising around on a low powered car.

FH5 is expected to have improved wheel support and from what I’ve seen online it certainly looks that way, so my expectation is that it will be a good experience. I don’t expect the same level of performance and detail as other games that fully support the G923, but I do expect an excellent driving experience with the G923 or any other wheel out of the box.

I’ll report back on the 9th. :slight_smile:

That’s good to know! I ended up sticking with the G923. It will be here on the 4th, so I have 1 day to fiddle around with it and get it set up before the early access starts. I’m really excited! I know what a difference having a dedicated peripheral can make. I played MS Flight Simulator with a regular Xbox One controller for awhile but later bought a flight stick and throttle and wow the difference was night and day. Anyway here’s hoping it will be an amazing experience!

Since you’ll be in early access, let me know how the wheel felt. There are a couple of things that I’m hoping to confirm. First that the cars are grippier and second, that the wheels work out of the box. Those two things together should make a much better wheel experience.

I’ve got early acces as well and a g923 that should be here on friday! Really hoping they’ve made it better lol.


Are there any news to the Trueforce support
I want to buy a Wheel for my son but i only will buy the G923 if this game supports Trueforce.

No Trueforce on XBox. I don’t know if it’s supported on PC. I’d wait some days until the patch comes out before making a decision.

However, let me give you some food for thought: why is Trueforce relevant for FH5? Trueforce is as relevant as the quality of the simulation. FH5 is not a simulation. It’s a fun driving game with quite a bit of sim elements but not exactly where you’d be getting the most out of Trueforce. As I mentioned above, the real good thing about G923 is the brake pedal. As far as I’m concerned, Trueforce is completely irrelevant to me playing FH5, but being able to feel the brake… priceless.

The point isn’t getting “the most out of trueforce”, in that case I could argue the best way to play any FH game is with a controller so wheels aren’t relevant. The real point is getting the most out of the new gadget you just bought. There are enough sim elements in FH5 (and 4 and 3) to compel people to use wheels to enhance their feeling of being in a car, and trueforce amplifies that in the devices it came with it. I mean, if logitech cared, which I don’t think they do, seeing this game doesn’t support their last feature, they would do the impossible to make sure microsoft adds it in the most anticipated car game of the year.

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Has anyone tried on FH5 on PC if there is trueforce? Wondering which wheel to purchase to use on PC. Thanks!

Trueforce is not the only major difference. The pedals, while they may look the same, have recieved a huge overhaul in the g923. The overall feel and resistance is different as well as more customization options through the app. Also i notice the wheel is alot more stable and feels more resposive and realistic in the g923 even without the trueforce. Well worth the extra 100 dollars. Someone said TrueForce will not work in xbox. NOT TRUE… Trueforce works in pretty much every sim racing game On xbox or pc. Forza Horizon 5 is an arcade racing game so im pretty sure its very limited as far as wheel support. Probably not any trueforce here. Try Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2, F1 2021, 2022. I even think the Nascar games have trueforce support. These are sims.

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