Logitech G920, broadcasting now!

For those who are interested!


Same again tonight from 8pm BST. Be there or be square!

Hey guys!

As I’ve said on a few other forums I was broadcasting last night and I’ve captured the highlights on my youtube channel below:

Specifically this is aimed at people who are interested in the Logitech G920 on the Xbox One. This also covers use with Forza Motorsport 6.

Subject areas are:


First demo Ferrari 458 specials on spa

Helical gear clacking and throttle demo

Just G920 throttle demo

2nd demo Lamborghini Veneto on yas marina

Wheel diameter

3rd demo lotus 67 in rain brands hatch

Puddles :slight_smile:

And of course (if you’re really bored) the full broadcast

hope you enjoy, cheers!