Livery issue with the last update


I encountered a very strange issue with the February update of FM 7 on my Xbox One X. Indeed, when I want to change the color of a car with stripes, text or patterns, purchased or won, the color of the stripes, text, patterns are stuck to the default state.
For example, the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS : I purchased her with the green stripes and wheels ; now I want the red livery and only the wheels become red, the green stripe with the Carrera word stay green. It happens with all the liveries. It’s the same with all the Dodge and SRT Vipers or some 70’s Muscle Cars. When the stripes are black, impossible to get them white when choosing a livery in the manufacturer’s colors section.
Two other examples :

  • The Ferrari FXX K. We won her in the red livery. But if we want to choose the black and yellow livery, the car becomes black but the stripes don’t become yellow, they stay red.
  • The 1973 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird won in the Forzathon in red color. I cannot get her white with a blue bird, the car changes to white but the bird on the engine hood stays red.

That’s pretty annoying, I hope this will be fixed very soon.