Linked Accounts and Access Concerns

In order to participate in the ForzaRC, users are required to link their XBOX Live accounts with Gfinity and Both sites require nearly unlimited access to your XBOX Live account. Why is this necessary? What security concerns should I have?

Below is the message I get when I try to login to Watch.ForzaRC.Com:

"Sign-in to Xbox Live and access Xbox Live and partner services on your behalf - Maestro will be able to access and update your Xbox Live account and interact with Xbox Live services on your behalf. "

"Access your Xbox Live information anytime - Maestro will be able to see and update your Xbox Live information, even when you’re not using this app. "



They hosts the event. They need your account data.
It’s the offical partner for the Forza RC this season.

How else should it work ? With a paper and a pencil ?

They also need your data for the ‘awesome’ prizes, junk mail, and and and …

Same for It’s the official partner for the stream, and the quests.

If you want to take part in the Forza RC 2018 season you need gfinity.

If you want to watch the stream and the gifts for the quests, you need to sign in for maestro.