Lexus RCF bug.

Ok, so this isn’t a big deal but I figured I’d mention it (if it has already been mentioned then my bad), the headlights on the Lexus RCF light up with the brake lights. This actually amused me and I probably spent entirely too much time playing with it lol.


I remember when the left turn signal of the escalade did the same thing in fh1. At least I could indicate I was turning left, even if I was turning right, lol!

Also, only the right reverse indicator lights up when you shift it into reverse. And there are glitches on the spoiler, skirts, and front diffusers when applying decals to the car.

Whole thing is kinda buggy, but it’s still my favorite drift car.

I remember when the lights on the optional front bumper for the VW Rabbit Golf did that in Forza 5, amused me greatly!

The Country Squire station wagon in FM5 flashed it’s brights when you used the brakes I guess there is something in the code of the game that makes the extra lights other than the headlights operate with the brakes on some vehicles.

As did the Acura RSX in FM5 too. You wonder how these bugs come about and how they don’t get noticed by the staff at PG/T10.

Its a step backwards when more cars start getting problems. Its 2016 and car models still dont get fixed alot.

With millions of lines of code to look through, all it takes is one misplaced symbol to create unintended effects, such as this.

Then one has to priorities which fixes are more important. Some lighting or game stability? Then at what cost does game stability come at and what might we lose to get a game that runs perfectly?

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Perhaps more testing would’ve revealed these to them, it wouldnt take long to see how the cars react to basic acceleration and braking methods.

Perhaps it was deemed an acceptable glitch.

Look at it this way, if they knew about this, how long would it have taken to fix it? Would it have delayed the game? Was there a more dire fix that needed to be done? How far into the code are the lights? What other effects could it have if this piece of code was fixed? Could those other effects created something game breaking? And again, what would we lose for this extra time spent testing?

But that is only if they knew.

True, its just weird when other small glitches are fixed and some bigger ones appear which end up going into Fm7 unfortunately

The Shelby Raptor’s optional light bar for the front bumper does it, and the GMC Vandura’s A-Team bumper does it as well.