Land Rover Range Rover 2012-2021

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Land Rover Range Rover (Third generation)

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged (FH2-FH3 | FM6)


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2014 Range Rover Supercharged
Last featured in FH3


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The new Range Rover 2022 is superior in technology, motorization and for some in idesing, compared to the model of the 2018. However, something to stand out from the old model is the SVAutobiography Dynamic version, the most poweful and luxurious of that then. Its engine, a supercharged 5.0L V8 that generates 575cv and 700Nm, reaches top speed of 140mph, completes 0-60mph in 5.4second, weighs 2,497Kg and an interior extremely equipped, giant, comfortable and luxurious.


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