Lamborghini Veneno HELP!?


I have the Lamborghini Veneno and hav’nt changed it at all. I have plenty of credits but dont know what to do to make the car the best it can be. Shall I just buy every upgrade or what?


The best bet is for you to start slowly. Play though the main game and get used to how the cars feel and handle. If you go out and just buy the fastest car you can without learning how to drive them first your going to hate the game and learning how to drive them come easier if you start slowly. The game isnt about just having the fastest or “best” car, in fact this game doesn’t and cant have a best car because lots of cars have different attributes that make them stand out in their own certain areas.

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Let’s start with what you don’t like about how it handles now.

As others have said, sometimes it’s better to start off slower and get really good at the basics than it is to jump into the top class and struggle. Not only will it result in you being a better driver but you will have a lot more fun when you’re driving better, finishing races, and not crashing several times (though those darn trees can be pretty presky…) There are several cars in he game that start off or are best in a lower class and they are tons of fun to drive, you should try these as well.

What do you not like about the Veneno in stock form? I find it to be one of the better cars in the game as far as any cars go before you add parts or play with any of the tuning.

How are your skills behind the wheel of the Veneno as it is right now? Steering inputs, throttle inputs, knowing when to brake and when to shift?

Focus on upgrades that reduce weight over those that add power on this car - then look here.

If you’re going to upgrade the car, I would stay within S2 - there isn’t X-racing online outside of the “Any Class” setting in Free Roam.
Add the race differential and widest rear tyre width you can as this doesn’t knock your PI.
The car has a fairly decent stock transmission so this doesn’t have to be a priority.
Add any upgradable parts you can from the chassis menu - springs, roll bars, and weight reduction. Add race if you can. If the PI is too high, select the best weight reduction you can without going over.
Once you get to engine upgrades, add the Race Exhaust, Race Throttle Body and Manifold, and Race Air Filter. If you cannot add any of these, select the one (or combination) that provides the best weight reduction.

If you’re really close to the max of S2 now some things you can look to add are Rims that weigh less than stock (if any), race driveline (offers weight reduction at low PI gain if nothing else will get you to the car’s max and it adds to your handling stat), and brakes (always check brakes at the end of your build, often times you will find that adding sport or race brake does not increase your PI but they do decrease your weight). Sometimes you can also get by with a clutch upgrade for 0 PI.

Those other fun cars I mentioned above, everything about the Veneno above applies to them. Look for upgrades in a similar fashion because it’s all about the build. Honestly, a tune makes a difference but once you find your personal style you will find that almost every car starts off with the same base tune. The build can make a huge difference and is probably more important that the tune. Build smart, build well, and you will do well. Try these cars out as well and see if you like them:
— 2005 Subaru WRX STi
— Jeep Wagoneer
— Lexus LFA
— Renault Alpine
— Porsche Carrera 3.3 Turbo
— Ford Transit Van
— Ford F100 Pickup Truck
— Ferrari 250 Lusso
— You must drive the Countach just to say you did
— Lancia 037 Stradale

Buy these upgrades:

Race Intake
Race Exhaust
Race Cams and Valves
Race Valves
Race Engine Block
Race Pistons and Compression

Race Weight Reduction

Sport Trans.
Race Diff.

F: 265/30R20
R: 375/25R21

Rim: Pro Race 1

Then use these settings:

Tire Pressure(F): 28.0
Tire Pressure(R): 28.0

Final 3.94
1st: -
2nd: -
3rd: -
4th: -
5th: -
6th: -
7th: -

Camber(F): -3.0°
Camber(R): -3.0°
Toe(F): 0.0°
Toe(R): 0.0°
Caster: 1.0°

ARB(F): 5.33
ARB(R): 13.05

Springs(F): 349.9
Springs(R): 523.2
Ride Height(F): 3.2
Ride Height(R): 2.7

Rebound Damping(F): 5.8
Rebound Damping(R): 7.5
Bump Damping(F): 4.3
Bump Damping(R): 5.4

Aero(F): 100
Aero(R): 200

Brake Balance: 52%
Brake Pressure: 111%

Acc Diff[F]: 15%
Dec Diff[F]: 0%
Acc Diff[R]: 41%
Dec Diff[R]: 43%
Balance: 80%