Lamborghini QVX 1985

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Lamborghini QVX 1985

Oh, yes, please. :heart_eyes:


Very Rare Group C Prototype built by Lamborghini under the Ownership of the Swiss Businessmen Patrick and Jean-Claude Mimran who had bailed the company out of Bankruptcy at the start of the 1980’s.

Lamborghini itself had never intended to enter Motorsport but at this time Ferrucio Lamborghini had left the company and the Brother’s thought they may dip their toes into the pond.

The Mimran brother’s kicked the whole thing off by requesting a more powerful version of the Countach’s V12 engine which culminated in a 8.2L V12 originally intended for use in Powerboats where it very successful. This pretty much established the new approach of the Company as having a bit of an influence in some aspects of Motorsport which was something Ferrucio had never wanted to do.

Rumours had began to circulate around 1985 that Lamborghini was planning on entering LeMans with a modified Countach 5.8L V12 and some information regarding a Joint-Operation with a British Motorsport team was underway.

The whole plan was drummed up by a man named David Joliffe who was the Managing Director of Portman who were the official UK delegates for Lamborghini’s Business operations.

After the positive feedback from the rumours Lamborghini appeared to express interest in the project and David was given permission to go ahead with his plans for a Group C Car.

In order to save money and development costs due to Lamborghini’s lack of a Motorsport Division David purchased a Tiga GC85 chassis from Spice Engineering with which to put the 5.8L V12 into and use as the Basis for what became the Lamborghini Countach QVX.

Despite the larger engine and seemingly effective Chassis Lamborghini had the monumental task of facing several already established teams like Porsche with their 956 and 962’s, Mercedes Sauber with their C8’s and Jaguar with their XJR-6 who all had more powerful engines operating at the time.

Despite this there seemed to be good Progress at the new Portman Lamborghini Team who signed on Unipart as a Major Sponsor and touted that they were planning to do a 3 Year Tenure in Group C and entering 7 Events in 1986 alone.

The hope was for a successful debut in 1986 but things fell apart when the car wasn’t ready for the first round at Monza as it had just been assembled. More failures occured when the car still wasn’t ready for both the Silverstone and LeMans Rounds in May and June of that year.

Finally the car appeared at Silverstone for testing in the last week of June and despite no proper setup the results were promising and the team could hope for a fairly decent fight in the mid-pack.

Unfortunately however Sponsorship interest in the car had dwindled and funds had already run out which meant that the car disappeared from the grid until October where it only materialized for a Private Event at Monza.

After having a promising result once again at Monza the team pretty much gave it a last bit of effort and sent it to South Africa for the Kyalami 500km in November of 1986. Due to Apartheid and the Politics of the era none of the Major Teams were appearing which meant that the Lamborghini could actually have a good chance at the race. In Heat 1 of the Event the car secured a 7th Place and in Heat 2 it went on to claim a 5th Place finish.

The team wanted to run again in 1987 but the money had totally run out meaning that Kyalami was the car’s only Official Group C WEC Race Event of its life.

Estimated Performance Figures:

Power: 585hp, torque unknown but over 370lb-ft

Weight: ~850KG

Speed: ~210mph in Low Downforce Trim or ~195mph in High Downforce Trim

Acceleration: 0-62mph between 2.5s and 3.5s depending on Gear setup