Lamborghini Biased?

Lamborghini’s. The Fastest cars in a drag race? Odd? Considering Lamborghinis weren’t made for drag racing and a very heavy. The only thing I can find faster than a Huracan is a Dart. I can slap the same engine a fully upgraded Huracan has in a smaller car and the Huracan will still win. Considering the Huracan isn’t even the highest spec Lamborghini. I guess Engines don’t have weight in this game either. A Fully upgraded Huracan weighs less than my One:1 which I remind you has a much smaller engine and is much smaller in general. Any Ferrari with the same engine still gets beat by any Lamborghini basiccally. In this game Bigger is better. and since Lamborghini’s are very light.( For unknown reasons) It basically makes them insanely fast.

Probably coincidence honestly, the drag scene is usually just left to the physics and whatever tuners happen to find. I’ve found the Ferrari FXX-K to be phenomenal when it comes to the actual circuits for quick braking and steering.