Karleya's FH5 Photos

Taken on PC (MS Store): R9 5900X / RTX 3080 / 1440p


Good start, you’ve got an eye for good scenery. I think if you played around with color and exposure settings some of these would really pop!

Yeah I’m definitely trying to improve on adjusting the settings. Thank you!

Loving your photos so far. In terms of setting adjustments, may I suggest adding a hint of aperture in your photos? This will help you achieve some depth while also softening any hard edges.

Digging the landscapes, it’s a rarity around here!

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I really love seeing landscape shots…very, very nice and you’ve captured the colors of the sunsets really well.

The first two landscapes are great colors! I’ll second sulcatatreus’s comment, I think the 3rd and 4th shots would benefit from more aperture as they’re good ideas, but lack some depth. Keep it up!

maybe some more aperture? Don’t want to overdo it lol

not sure why these turned out as 1080P lol

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That second shot looks like it is real. I love the way the greens pop in the jungle photo and the colors in the last one as well.

A little aperture would definitely help, especially in shots like the beach gazebos as you could single out a single gazebo and give the shot some visual focus and direction. That being said, great colors on the sunset shot and the 2nd and 3rd beach shots are composed very nicely.

Thank you for the feedback! Will try some shots with your recommendation!

Think the mountain one looks realistic, IMO :slight_smile: