Juggernaut's tuning comp. RA. Results are in

So, as there hasn’t been anything going on in a while, I decided to make something up.
Some of you might remember me, and my tuning competitions in FM4. some of you might remember me as a tuner and driver, and some just don’t know me.

As the forums have been rather silent for a long time now, and as FM6 launch is approaching fast I decided that I should do what I have done well for many times in the past, and keep a tuning comp.
Due rather limited amount of cars, I cannot go for my usual ways of “oddballing” it, so this time just the most obvious cars are resticted out, And as I can’t really throw in credits to give out for the winner I had some hard time to set up prizes, but I think I have that side sorted out as well.

So, what’s it all about? 1 car, 1 tune, 3 tracks.

You make a car. I check how fast it is in my hands, Fastest cars will win some prizes.
Only assists I use, Driving line, and Normal steering, every other assist will be turned off.

The Rules

Tracks: Road America Full, Alps Stadplaz, LeMans Bugatti Circuit.
I give the cars 10 laps on each track the set up the best possible time.

Car Class & Restrictions
-PI Limit A700
-No common cars from top 100 on leaderboard on the tracks I’m running. (banned car list below)
-Best time of each car on each track will be counted together, Fastest wins.
-I will be picking my favorite car outside of top 3, winning Judges favorite car Prize, this might even be the slowest car in the comp.
-In order to get this done before the deadline, I will have to restrict number of entrants to maximum of 30.
-you are expected to inform what car you are tuning, and put the tune up in your sharefornt with JUGTC in description.

I will pick up the tunes 25th of July, and winners will be announced 29th of August or sooner.

Banned cars: KTM X-bow, Ferrari F50, Lotus 2 eleven, Dodge Viper -08, Alfa 33 Stradale, Lotus Elise -99, Shelby Daytona, Ferrari 250 GTO, Honda NSX-R -05, Lancia 037,

Before I start driving the competition tracks I test the car on Yas Marina, just to get familiar with the car and from that I will give little first impressions description about the tune. times on this track has no affect on the final results.

And what are the prizes?

PTG Curtis, has promised that he will give out couple of his paints, which so far has been only available in PTG competitions.



PTG Coops, has promised the same thing

TheFishE77 has promised to make one off paint which will be available only in this comp.

“Picture coming up soon as the paint is done”

MiMiC920 has promised to make one off paint for every entrant.

“Picture coming up as soon as the paint is done”

And, T10 is also joining in with some prizes, I’m currently discussing about the details with them.


Reserved for entrys & first impressions.

MoneyMan300 : Car Ford GT Yas alt: 2.03.057

Slightly understeering. Kerbs will throw it around occasionally Remarkable rear grip. Great car for amateur, good for anyone who prefers slight understeer. Very long gearing felt somewhat annoying but but thanks to the high torque it is still reasonable

ERS Diesel : Car S2000 Yas alt 2.04.296

Kerbs throw it around a LOT. Understeer in entry, oversteer in exit, Fun to drive, but doesn’t allow even minor mistakes.

ERS JOHNSSON : Car -00 SVT Cobra Yas alt 2.03.056

Very low, Very stiff, but surprisingly doesn’t mind hitting the kerbs at all, Very predictable, but also a bit dull.

HLR Toffo : Car Aston Martin DBS 2.03.56

Very predictable, fast, and stable. Minor understeer, and brakes feel a bit too front biased, you can feel the kerbs, but they don’t throw it around at all, and if you really want to, it’s easy to start drifting it.

RPM Swerve : Car BMW M1 Yas alt 2.04.275 Dirty

Oversteers just a tad too much for my taste, but it doesn’t really slow it down at all, more likely it makes it faster. The car does not like kerbs at all, but overall it is very potential car

moparjay : Car Ford GT Yas alt 2.02 464

Gearing feels great, (only car with race gearbox?) And just the right amount of oversteer, Only thing I found disturbing was that on exit from sharper corners it had tendency to keep turning just bit further. than I wanted to, I’m expecting much from alps from this car.

Raceboy77 : Car -79 Camaro Yas alt 2.03.930

This car makes me feel quite indifferent, it is pretty neutral, but then there is completely random understeer every now and then. On corner exit it has oversteer, “Turbo kick in yo” I find it bit difficult to start really pushing the car. I see that there is time to be gained here and there, but making the good lap in just one lap seems to be difficult.

fifty inch : Car RUF Rt12 Yas alt 2,02.275 Dirty

I like porches, Specially the 80’s porches… And yellowbird… but I HATE that rear engine. probably because I don’t know how to set one up. This car is extremely good, but I have to be very careful with it. specially the inside kerbs are killing me, lifting the whole front end up in air, and I lose all steering, and weight shifting must be done very carefully. I see that this car has potential to win the comp, only thing I’m worried about is am I good enough driver to do that.

Bloody Gears 1 : Car Skyline R33 Yas alt 2.03.552

Surprisingly good grip in front for AWD, also surprisingly oversteery for AWD, It’s great on corner exit, but on straights it feels quite sluggish, The suspension feels very low and soft, and occasionally kerbs will throw it around, and feels like the bottom is scraping on floor on every bump.

gtFOOTw : Car -14 Stingray Yas alt 2.02.830

Feels bit sluggish on straights, extremely stable over the kerbs, spectacular handling trough corners. But on downside, brakes feel a bit weird, I was pretty sure that I was locking up the front end constantly, but that’s not it. they just feel odd. I would say that the car is great for unexperienced drivers, because it’s so “safe” but to me… I need someone to wake me up every lap. it feels so… “boring”

hairpig8612 : Car -13 Viper Yas alt 2.03.368

Great handling, even though I get the feeling that there is no grip what so ever, except under braking. feels like I’m driving on ice to be exact. On power side of things, it has quite enough, and a bit more, All together, it’s very very interesting car.

ShadowChaser36 : Car -02 Camaro Yas alt 2.03.172

Very neutral handling, and overall great driving experience, on corner exit opening the throttle I have to be very careful, but once I get the power going to the road, it’s great.

RelaxedPKRKid : Car Skyline R34 Yas alt 2.01.399

My first thought, “Is this my own tune” my second thought “is this my tune reverse engineered and slightly improved”. Fast car, which is very VERY easy to drive fast, and very easy to throw around just the way you want to throw it around. I pulled the fastest yas time on 2nd lap, braking in on 300 LB without really even trying yet. After that I just went around sideways for a while, All together, easy , fast and fun.

W4RLOCK38 : Car -00 SVT Cobra Yas alt 2.04.145

Word of the day, Torque. I like a car which has lot of torque, this might even have bit too much… and all because the twin screw S/C on the positive side, it doesn’t really matter are you going 60mph, or 160mph, the rate of acceleration is same. It’s bit hard to get out of corners without losing the grip, but it’s great on entry, and possibly fastest on long straights.

ERS C0ldCutZ : Car Silvia S15 Yas alt 2.02.460

Kerbs throw it around and on left-right right-left transitions might cause the rear end to snap loose, but overall, it’s quite good. Best silvia I have driven in this class to be exact.

HLR Moss : Car Ferrari F40 Yas alt 2.03.099

It has a bit less grip than I expected, you will notice the kerbs, but they barely ever affect on any way, and it’s great trough sweeping turns. How ever, it has similar issue as gtFOOTw’s Corvette, it’s pretty fast and easy, but also a bit boring. All together. Good car for drivers with not too much experience.

ERS DIBS : Car RX-7 FD Yas alt 2.02.852

Kerbs throw it around but anything other than that, it’s very predictable, no other clear strength’s or weaknesses,

Car Stats, Best stat highlighted

20494201505_273e04aca5_h by MrPomomies, on Flickr

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All right, Here is my initial feelings of the cars.

Moss, Foot, fifty, Raceboy Please don’t kill me =)

…lol…Thanks for the feedback Jugg’s, it’s certainly appreciated! Obviously, we need to wait and see how you do with it at the Alps Stad, Rd Am, and Bugatti. I did get 3 PB’s with this car at these 3 tracks, yet, as I mentioned before…I am still trying to learn how to drive, so, there should be some amount of time left from my PBs for all of you great drivers! The cars that I have checked out so far are very competitive, so, it should be a VERY close one.

Good luck to everyone!




RelaxedPKRKid 1.26.964
HLR Moss 1.27.857
HLR Toffo 1.28.220
Bloody Gears 1.28.243
gtFOOTw 1.28.376
ERS C0ldCutZ 1.28.876
hairpig8612 1.28.895
MoneyMan300 1.28.975
ERS Diesel 1.29.084
fifty inch 1.29.203
W4RLOCK38 1.29.546
ShadowChaser36 1.29.555
moparjay 1.29.992
ERS DIBS 1.29.998
Raceboy77 1.30.416
RPM Swerve 1.30.495


RelaxedPKRKid 1.43.540
HLR Toffo 1.43.596
ShadowChaser36 1.43.608
ERS Diesel 1.43.969
MoneyMan300 1.43.986
fifty inch 1.44.003
moparjay 1.44.357
Bloody Gears 1.44.375
hairpig8612 1.44.395
ERS C0ldCutZ 1.44.686
Raceboy77 1.44.782
RPM Swerve 1.44.964
HLR Moss 1.45.029
W4RLOCK38 1.45.297
gtFOOTw 1.45.437
ERS DIBS 1.45.441


hairpig8612 2.10.709
HLR Toffo 2.11.145
ERS C0ldCutZ 2.11.613
ERS DIBS 2.11.685
ERS Diesel 2.11.839
RelaxedPKRKid 2.11.847
Raceboy77 2.12.001
ShadowChaser36 2.12.009
RPM Swerve 2.12.303
gtFOOTw 2.12.473
W4RLOCK38 2.12.479
Bloody Gears 2.12.514
fifty inch 2.12.589
moparjay 2.12.698
HLR Moss 2.13.001
MoneyMan300 2.13.052


20875587489_aef149faee_k by MrPomomies, on Flickr

Now what it comes to choosing my favorite car out of all cars.
There was 4 cars that I really liked, and 3 of them are in top 3, therefore my choice is rather easy

ERS C0ldCutZ Silvia from place 7

Also I have to put a mentioning that fifty inch, Raceboy77, ERS Dibs, gtFOOTw and ERS JOHNSSON cars were having splits for notably better times, on most tracks. I just wasn’t enough of a driver to get those laps together.

Would PRKid, HLR Toffo, and hairpig8612 choose 2 of the price cars which are up on first post. (one from Coops, one from Curtis)
In addition, PRKid and ERS C0ldCutZ will receive what ever TheFishE77 has done (I havn’t seen it either)

Just on a side note, Even thuogh PRKid pretty much ran away in here, I have a strong feeling that it will be completely other way around on Road America

Thanks for taking this project on Jugg’s, I know it;s not an easy task! All the hours required to run a lot of cars is certainly very time consuming.

I am just hoping that I did put enough power in my R34 to at least be somewhat competitive at Rd Am and not get blown away by the high-powered cars, and, that it’s handling gets it to support a great in-and-out of the turns to minimize transition time losses.

Good luck to everyone in the next couple of rounds!


p.s. Would it be possible to put together a table with all the car entrants stats? It be good to compare with results as we go through the 3 phases of this event. Since not all cars are currently shared, I could take care of it if folks forward to me their stats. Thoughts? Thanks!

Since I am out of town and with no access to me XBone, I’ll need to pull this together remotely. I already have the table along with just a couple of entrants. So, it be great if folks could email these to me. I’ll post the table as soon as I have most of the entrants. Thanks!


If you ain’t first, you’re last. Figured my car would do terrible with a rear sway bar of 28. Lol

Edit: nvm, finally tried my car there and it wasnt even loose. It just understeered really badly. Well now that was surprising.

fifty inch, gtFOOTw, HLR Toffo, and ERS C0ldCutZ had splits for much better times I just couldn’t get the lap together. I found in strange that I was struggling with foot’s car, to be honest. as in testing it was rather fast, and very easy car to drive, but for some reason here it was having issues with oversteer.

And then bunch of replays shared
mon = Moneyman
die = Diesel
john = Johnsson
swe = Swerve
mop= Moparjay

And for ERS DIBS I hate to admit it, but I’m struggling with that mazda, it feels nice, but soon as I start pushing it it’s all over the place.

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No-one checked these out? they will probably be gone soon, depending will I get any replays worth saving…

I just realized that I don’t know how to watch someone elses replay

I have the Mazda RX7 with the race engine in it that was good for a 242mph run down the backstretch of old LeMans.( 230 something with full aero) I keep hoping to find something that clicks with that car. If there’s a way to put it all together with that engine that car would be ridiculous.

Nice. Now You have mastered the car prkids dead meat at road America…lol

what did you do do? Turn tcs on?

Nice job kid, looks like that GTR is on rails. Jugg’s time is 4 seconds better than anything i did with it at Bugatti and my quickest time at Road America is a touch slower than my own GTR that I’ve been working on today.


Just curious, what times were you able to get (RA and Bug)?

I am a below average driver and was able to hit under 1 sec from Jugg’s (1:44.200) at Bugatti. And a buddy got a 1:41, so, not sure about the “on rails” comment since it has a ton of grip - even at Alps!