Juan y Oscar Galvez, Buenos Aires

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Oh yes PLEASE :pray: :pray:

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The track has many layouts and a lot of history. And also, Forza needs more South American representation


Yes please! In Argentina we love motorsport and sadly we dont have videogames with argentinian tracks. Id would love it!!

The Autódromo Oscar y Juan Gálvez in Buenos Aires has hosted Formula 1 racing 20 times. Some of the greatest drivers of all time, such as Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Michael Schumacher, have raced on this circuit.

Hello everyone! Please add this circuit to the game. Argentina’s passion for motorsport and competition is reflected in the growing interest in virtual motorsports. The circuit has been the venue for numerous races and motor racing competitions since its inauguration in 1952. It has also observed memorable moments in the history of Argentine motorsport, such as Juan Manuel Fangio’s victory in the 1955 Argentine Grand Prix. Its design features a balance of high-speed sections and more technical and slower sections, making it an interesting challenge for drivers.


48x tire sampling rate you say? Would have been a real test of the system with the old Galvez asphalt lmao.

Shame we got nowhere near close Potrero de los Funes back in the day, would have perfectly fit Forza.

So many possibility on this circuit

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It would be one of the most interesting circuit