JSR Tuning Guides

Hey everyone. Over the years, many people have asked JSR team members for insight on how to tune some of the most popular cars tunes that have come from people like JSR LeeCampbell, Rayzer, Rossi and more.

This thread will be updated with car tunes for both full PI classes and homologated divisions. Find below my list of tuning tutorials already available.

LATEST GUIDE: 2013 SRT Viper for S Class - one of the true beasts of S class that still surprises people with its ability to hold grip around handling-based tracks despite being a power/speed car.

FIRST TUNE GUIDE: The R class McLaren M8B in this week’s division league Prototype Group Racing
UPDATE: McLaren M8B Tuning Guide Video - Forza 7
A car overlooked in most league lobbies this week as everyone gravitates towards the popular Ford GT40. I love driving without traction control, so am happy to have made this stable yet fast tune for you all (thought to prove it’s worth with an image below!)

McLaren M8B Tune - #1 at Catalunya National
McLaren M8B Tuning Guide - JSR John - Forza 7

I have tuning guides lined up for some cars already and welcome any suggestions/requests going forward. Here are some tuning guides I’m keen to share of cars that are overlooked but can be very strong (Top 50, Top 20 in S/R class leaderboards) and #1 on Homologated leaderboards:

Look forward to requests and answering any questions people may have!

Happy racing,



Great stuff, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Thanks for the kind words, gtFOOTw! First tuning guide video is now up!

Forza 7 Tuning Guide - McLaren M8B

Forza Motorsport 7 Tuning Guide McLaren M8B - JSR John

I shall update the top post with new tunes & guides to save everyone the hassle of just scrolling through the thread.

Hope you enjoy and share any feedback/requests in the comments!

Have a good weekend.



Thank you for everyone who has jumped onboard and subbed to my channel. Over 20 new people since my first tuning guide!

NEW tuning guide below
JSR Tuning Guide - S800 McLaren F1

McLaren F1 Tuning Guide Forza Motorsport 7

Really proud of this one, as the McLaren F1 never looked like a respectably fast car for any tracks on FM7. Merely hundredths away from a Top 20 at Road Atlanta here!
Already have a third guide ready for this week, but I’m happy to take any requests :smiley:

Have a good day!


Great job John, I would definitely like to see more.

Thank you Lee! A new tuning guide with an X class world record will be out this weekend :slightly_smiling_face:

New tuning guide: the Formula 1 Ferrari 641 in X Class
This one comes with a world record at VIR North (Time: 1:02.8xx)

JSR Tuning Guide - F1 Ferrari 641 - Formula 90s - X Class

F1 Ferrari 641 - Forza Motorsport Tuning Guide - JSR John

More coming up this week - enjoy!

Update: I now have a 1:02.4 in this tune!

Had the chance to see ALL your videos so far, and, must say - EXCELLENT job on these. Congrats on the LB lap times, including your latest WR. Amazing driving, trying to pick up some tires. Thanks for sharing!

Note: Certainly have enjoyed the commentaries describing your thoughts around the track as well.


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Thank you for the very kind words PRKid! Glad to hear you have enjoyed my videos so far!

New Tuning Guide: #2 Chevy IndyCar (World Record at Watkins Glen)
IndyCar Tuning Guide Video

Forza Motorsport 7 - IndyCar Watkins Glen World Record - IndyCar Tuning Guide

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New tuning guide: Maserati MC12

One of the hardest cars in the game to tune correctly, many people build the MC12 incorrectly which made me very motivated to share this for others to learn and benefit.

I set multiple world records with the MC12 in Supercar Renaissance last year and the car can hit Top 100 times around many tracks. A great lobby car, but not overpowered either like the Ford GT ('05) or Saleen S7.

Being a heavy mid-engined car with a long chassis, the Maserati struggles to rotate around many turns and lots of people have told me how it never seems to have enough grip despite whatever tyres put on. This guide will show you the key flaws in building the car, which building approach produces the fastest MC12, and how to tune for it to turn like a Supercar should.

This tutorial will help with tuning the MC12 both for S Class and the Homologated Division it sits in, Supercar Renaissance.

Full tuning guide video

Maserati MC12 Tuning Guide - Tune and Build Tutorial - Forza Motorsport 7 - JSR John

Let me know either below this post or in the video comments if this helps.


New video: How To Tune AWD Cars in Forza Motorsport

JSR John - How To Tune AWD Cars - AWD Tuning Guide - Forza 7 - Forza Motorsport 7 - Forza Horizon 4

I noticed that no one has really covered AWD cars in-depth before on YouTube, so I hope this helps any keen racers to avoid big (yet common) mistakes when it comes to building and fine tuning the fastest AWD car.

Let me know if it helps and have a good day!

JSR John

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NEW: Ferrari F50 Tuning Tutorial for A Class (A700)

A personal favourite of mine for A Class, the Ferrari F50 is one of the most underappreciated cars at A700 that delivers a great drive with fast corner grip and reasonable top end speed.
Ideal tracks for this car: Prague, Watkins Glen, Spa, Road Atlanta, Lime Rock and Alps. Not a full-on grip car and lacks acceleration, but a brilliant lobby beast without a doubt.

Few people know it even fits into A Class and even fewer know how to tune it. I didn’t find it in any Top 100 of the leaderboards, so hopefully this will give it more recognition :smiley:


Forza Motorsport Tuning Guide - Ferrari F50 - A Class - Jsr John


One of the true beasts of S class and a personal favourite that can do top 20 leaderboard times around a chunk of tracks.
Even after 3 years, the Viper '13 still surprises people in lobbies with its ability to hold grip around handling-based tracks despite being a power/speed car. A dark horse for many tracks like Spa, Watkins Glen, Catalunya and Silverstone. With TCS on it pulls out of corners like a X-Bow or Donkervoort, really is a wild beast of a car.

Lap times
Catalunya - 1:57
Silverstone GP - 2:01
Spa - 2:19
Watkins Glen - 1:46
Watkins Glen Alt - 1:43

Only other car I know that can corner so well with low handling stats is the Aston Martin Zagato that Rossi uses, but I personally love the Viper more. Anyway, enjoy!


Another GREAT VID, thanks for sharing!


Happy new year everyone. A new tuning guide is here, a favourite among many: Lotus Elise '99 Tuning Guide

This includes a tutorial on how to build one the most stable fast Elise’s in S Class, ideal for tracks with faster turns like Silverstone, Spa and Watkins Glen. Stable enough to run without traction control too, so there’s a plus for the Hardcore leaderboard fanatics out there!

You can use the same tune numbers in A class and B Class, as long as you keep the car built for acceleration (still with lots of handling, but not maxed out). Will go into greater detail about this in my next tuning video.

Hope you enjoy

Lotus Elise 1999 - Forza Motorsport 7 - Tuning Guide - JSR John

:+1: Will be checking it out soon!


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Hey everyone - it’s been a while but I’m still here

After pushing the #72 BBLM to its limit in S Class (#4 Global at Watkins Short Alt) and having the tune shared for a while, I finally decided to give a walkthrough of the setup and build to help the many BBLM enthusiasts who struggle to fine tune it to run both fast and predictable.

Ferrari BBLM Tuning Guide

Ferrari 512 BBLM Tuning Tutorial

Next few videos will likely be for the Honda NSX’s, Honda S2000 and some Forza GT cars that have not been featured before.

Feel free to share any suggestions or requests either in this thread or on one of my videos, as making tunes fit for both leaderboards and general multiplayer is what’s keeping me interest in Forza 7 for now.

JSR John