JDM Vehicles speedometers and tachs read wrong

The cars aren’t calibrated right and most read in what appears to be mph rather than the desire km/h. It’s been observed with the following:

Subaru wrx sti 03

Nissan Silvia 15

Nissan R33 GTR

Please investigate because there are others from that region that are also wrongly calibrated.

Subaru wrx sti spec C 05 the tach doesnt show 800rpm more like 1100rpm please fix as its the car I spend the most time in lol.

Theres many more which are incorrect lol Civic Type R '97 is another one.

Hello? Turn 10? Is a patch going to come out to address these issues>

Chances are they won’t. They have much more important things to focus on.

Nobody from Turn10 will answer here. They have 0 representation on the forum. You’ll need to email them and put your requests in the wish list.

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Revisited fm4 lastnight and realized this has existed before this gen but in my blind loyalty I never picked it up.