Issues reading telemetry for tire pressure

Can anyone give me a brief explanation on what the tire pressure telemetry means? i usually run with 28.5 tire pressure on both front and rear tires and I set this up for almost all my cars. However I’m still having trouble reading the tire telemetry for tires and I want to find out so I can make improvement.

I know you only asked about pressure but I got some good responses in the thread i linked below

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Pressures should relate to your suspension set up and ARBs so get the most out of them. But it’s driver preference mostly… The softer your tyres the slower the car is to react accelerate and brake but the more grip you’ll have during cornering because of the bigger contact patch but it’ll feel as if it skates initially because of the extra moment in the sidewalls.

Higher pressures have the opposite effect to a point and makes the car more prone to a sudden loss of traction.

There isn’t strictly a perfect pressure to operate at in game only the temperatures… If you can hold a 210-225 front and rear with even heat and wear across the tyres that’s all you need.

Since the accelerating tires will be under more stress and, thus heat up quicker, keep them lower pressure than the non-accelerating tires, but avoid extremes like 23 front and 33 rear…that is just purely unstable and will cause bottoming out.

My tips are as follows:

For FWD → Front tires should have less pressure than the rear tires.

For RWD → Rear tires should have less pressure than the front tires.

For AWD → You should keep more power to the rear wheels in your differential and, thus, keep very slightly less pressure in the rear tires.

As for your telemetry, I would honestly advise you to ignore it. The computer can be glitchy and you will bog yourself down focusing on intricate numbers that will rarely give you an advantage in Forza 6.

Hope this helps!

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I normally target a specific race PSI.

Tires that run hot, I turn down the pressure.

Tires that run cool, I don’t mind increasing the pressure a tad.

Also keep in mind the width of the tire. Wider tires are happier at lower PSI. Skinny tires happier at high PSI.

So something like this:

Wide: 32-33 race PSI

Skinny: 33-35 race PSI

So I commonly see

Wide and hot: 27-28 PSI

Wide and cool: Default 30

Skinny and hot: Default 30

Skinny and cool: 31-32 PSI

This. This is how to do this IMHO. I generally shoot to average 33.5 to 34 PSI in all tires during a race. The tire width, compound, weight of the car, etc, all play into what this means I actually set the pressure to. On some cars, I raise it (31 psi in my Brands Hatch tune for the RR Wraith for instance). In other cars, I lower it to 29.5 or 29 psi. Many cars I leave right at 30. I virtually never go higher or lower than 1.5 psi in either direction.