Issue with Overachier achievement

I’m well aware that for the season pr event, that their is an additional challenge to complete but Ihas it turns out I’ve already beaten this challenge, before it became activated. I went ahead to best to pb to see if the achievement would pop, and nope.

I’ve already 3 stared all pr stunts and for a good chuck I’ve beaten them by a good amount, which means I’m possible in the position of waiting weeks, months or possible won’t get a season pr stunt that I haven’t already beaten. This means that this achievement could potentially be locked out for me unless this is addressed and is very frustrating.

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I am having a different issue, none of the season events are showing up for me, and I haven’t gotten the business daily credit for 3 days now. I think the servers are having issues.

With the pr seasonal event, you need to do it as soon as the season swaps. Once you start doing some races it seems to disappear

Mine came back after a few days.

The previous PR stunt required a specific distance beyond the 3 star minimum. I didn’t realize this at first until I saw the fine print lol. Hopefully this is your issue.

No, when I first did the stunt, I set a score higher than the seasonal requirement, so when it came around it said I had already completed it, but no achievement. I then went ahead to best my pb to see if that would trigger the achievement, but still no success.

I had the same issue this week, last week I had already 3 starred the jump, but when I beat the seasonal requirement no achievement.

It might be worth you posting in the bug thread about this in the problems forum.

Nope. My issue too. I beat not only the 3 star, but the listed requirement. No achievement.

My PB is higher than the requirement, but that shouldn’t matter if they coded this right.