Is there any way to find DLC codes for Forza Motorsport 4?

Hi everyone. I’ve been playing Forza Motorsport 4 for just under a year. I really want most of the DLC cars but I can’t get them since T10 disabled the DLC for the game and the cars don’t appear in-game for me. I’ve been looking around for DLC codes, but all I’ve been able to find is one for the Launch Car Pack, the F10 M5 free DLC, and the Bonus Track Pack. Does anyone know where I can find DLC Codes? And if so, can you link them?


I have an idea how to do that, don’t know if it’s still working… Try to buy NEW (NOT USED) fm4 ultimate edition

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Pretty sure there isn’t an ultimate edition for forza motorsport 4 last time I checked looking all over Google, just the limited collectors edition that has pretty much all the dlc anyway including VIP pass.

But agreed, you need to somehow find one new that hasn’t been used.

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No, the Ultimate Edition (which I own) does not include all the DLC. I was waiting for Microsoft to release an Ultimate Edition so I could have a physical copy of the DLC but they never did (and as a former GameStop employee I can attest to this). And since they removed the game and its DLC quietly without announcing it, I missed it.