Is there a way to contact Turn 10 Studios?

Hi there :slight_smile:

As my English is not exactly great I will come straight to the point without any more grammer mistakes…

I was/am currently looking for a way to contact Turn 10 Studios on a buisness level. I have been looking for a contact Email but could not find one.
The Forza 7 Forum is probably not the perfect place to search for an answer, but maybe someone can help me out.

I would really appreciate it!

Thank you for the quick reponse!

If I´m writing to this Email, am I writing Turn 10 Studios? I do not want to make a bad impression by not knowing who I am actually writing to…

Yes, thats Turn 10s contact address

Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem, good luck. Youll have to be patient as its a busy address that gets a lot of emails and while all of them are read they do not always respond to everyone individually.