Is Manual with Clutch faster than Manuel only?

Hi everyone

maybe this might be a silly question for a few members, but is Manuel Shifting with Clutch faster than Manuel Shifting only?
I am just wondering about it seeing I am driving with Manuel only and am doing 2, in Silverstone but can never go under a 2,10. Whn I checked the leaderboard like everyone in front of me on the page has Manuel with Clutch. I tried it but am struggling hitting LB and X seeing that I am using my left finger for braking, so how do they do it? :smiley:

any help would be appreciated, THANKS in advance

Hi. Yes manual with clutch is fasterā€¦in most cases. I.e. Cars without a race trans or dual clutch. Easiest way to use it is swap the clutch button to A and simply press as same time as gear change


just want to let you know, practiced a little and managed to go under 2,, am on 2, THANK YOU that really helped

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THANK YOU, think I am going to try that tomorrow, hope I donĀ“t need too much practice to reach the times that I have now :smiley: