[INVESTIGATING] [XBOX ONE] Split screen no car sound and driver assist issues

I was trying to play a local Split Screen but when we both got into the race at Laguna Seca, only the host profile’s car had sound. Player two’s car has no sound and also all assists are reset to the easiest setting and locked there. We tried changing the settings to turn off all vehicle assists the way we like it but when we get into the race, the second player always has an automatic transmission instead of the manual with clutch which slows down the car so much, it’s no longer competitive. When we swapped player 1 and player two, neither of us had car audio and player 2’s assists were still locked on the easiest setting. Is there a player two setting we’re missing or are these unresolved issues for the game?


Same sort of issue here. No engine sound coming from either car. And player 2, even though adjusted in settings, had to race with no ABS. No matter how we fiddled with settings…tracks or cars, problem stayed.


Spot on - same issues for me.

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Unless I’m missing something, there is no audio for cars while using split screen. I have tried adjusting the audio output via in-game menu and via Xbox settings.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any fix?


I am afraid I don’t have a solution for you, but just to let you know, you are not the only one, I have the same problem.
I have the digital version of the ultimate edition, maybe it’s only with that version?
I have tried uninstalling it and then reinstalling it afterwards, but that doesn’t seem to be working…
I’ll give it another try tomorrow, and I’ll inform you if there is any news.

I had a split screen race:
On Spa Francorchamps, I was driving a Koenigsegg Regera, “player 2” was driving an Aston Martin Vulcan.
Also, the “player 2” was unable to brake and steer at the same time, wether it was manual braking or Forza braking, do you have that problem too?

P.S. the tire sounds work, the crash sounds too, same goes for everything in the menu, it’s just the engine sound that’s missing.

P.P.S. in single player, everything works normally, it’s just split screen.



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No solution here either, but I have a similar/same issue. Sometimes the audio to one player’s car will work but the other one won’t. Or exactly the same, neither car sounds work, doesn’t matter what car or track.

Absolute same issue here. I’m going to uninstall and reinstall. Will update if that solves it

I am experiencing the split screen audio issue as well and wanted to note it here before the floodgates are opened on Tuesday. Split screen is one of the biggest reasons why I continue to choose Forza over other console racing sims so this is a big issue for me.

Some details that probably don’t matter but I will provide them just in case: I’m playing the game on a Sony X800D TV, using nothing but the TV’s built-in speakers. My Xbox One’s audio output settings are set to HDMI audio bitstream out and bitstream format Dolby Digital- switching the format to stereo uncompressed solved nothing. No headsets are connected and the only additional accessory I have hooked up to the Xbox is a G920 wheel. Single player audio is working flawlessly as far as I can tell.


Reinstalled and the situation remains the same. No audio with any car other than the gt2rs. Turn 10 better sort this out or I’ll be requesting a refund. Like the poster above me stated, split screen was a selling point for me, one of the biggest ones and this is borderline game breaking.


I would like to add that audio otherwise is working fine, it’s literally only the engine sounds that don’t work

I’m having thd same problem with split screen,automatic settings and the audio aswell
Don’t know what else to try. Would love some help


Just posting to say I’m also having this issue in the splitscreen. Pretty aggravating having no engine sound.

I too love to test my skills splitscreen against my friends. I’m sure a fix wil become available so no point in asking for a refund. I just don’t get why this has slipped through in development. And yes as stated above…all other audio works fine except for engine sound. Wich is the most important thing in racing, I guess…especially with manual shifting. Still enjoying the game a lot, no other real issues for me as of yet.

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Similar issue here - except All Assists turned off for Player 2, resulting in no steering response at all when braking - not good for my 11 & 12 y.o. kids who are just starting to get into the game. Whatever we did, even setting to Super Easy, had no effect. Same issue on audio as well - all we could hear was car 2 hitting the walls…Any chance of any response, or acknowledgement of the issue?

Same here no sound on split screen on Xbox one I downloaded the game although was only 67gb thought it was meant to be nearer 100 GB was wondering if it had missed an update

A little more info on the split screen engine audio issue: I plugged a pair of headphones into my TV and cranked its volume way up- to dangerous levels if I were actually racing and risking an extremely loud crash into a wall instead of just revving the engines while parked - and noticed that I could just barely hear the engines. It’s like the two cars’ engines are located outside of the cars, a mile away. Very, very low volume for those engines.

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In splitscreen for two players i have no engine sounds, only crash noises & wind, I did reinstal the game but it is still not working for me.

That’s not the only bug that I found in split-screen:

When playing splitscreen we encountered these issues (player 2 = guest player):
-Most of the time the engine sounds are missing. Sometimes the engine sound of player 2 is working. This is with different cars and different tracks.
-When racing and deciding to end the race prematurely, the screen will go back to the main menu instead of the splitscreen menu (annoying behaviour). It will behave the right way when the race was finished.
-Flickering racing line for player 1 (different cars, different tracks).
-Assists not correctly adjusted for player 2. Sometimes only until the second race that assists like traction control is disabled.
-Lag on Spa (on two thirds of the circuit).
-Lots of graphics missing? Looks a bit like playing Forza 1. I think lightning is missing orso (no shadows and so on).
-When finishing a race, the previously selected car class setting in the tracks screen is set to a new random car class. Player 1 gets a car from that car class.

Missing options:
-No option to select ghost racing (no collisions).
-Probably not a bug but still a wish: That a guest player can pick cars from the garage of player 1.


Same problem here, no sound and racing line flickering