[INVESTIGATING] Photo Mode Black Splitches - One X

Really enjoying the beta, just wanted to post, and I hope this hasn’t been posted already.

I am on a One X using an LG OLED TV with HDR.

When in photo mode, using darker presets makes some darker parts of the photo appear black, such as trees, foliage, etc. Much darker than it should be.

Below are a few screenshots showing off the problems.

This is what I would consider a normal exposure with no black areas.

Below are the problem screenshots.

I’m having the same issue, also on Xbox One X with a 4K HDR TV. It happens when I try to adjust settings such as contrast, colour, etc.

I tried to make this image look as nice as I could but you can still see the black outline around the taillights and black splotch on the license plate.

Thanks for the information guys. I will get this into a bug and sent over to the team. I’ll let you know when I have more information.

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