Infiniti Q60 2017-2022

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I sugest the Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Concept


Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400


Red Sport 400


And the Q 60 red sport 2022


Infiniti Q60 Edition 30 (2020)

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2020 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport

In the end of 2016, Infiniti has released a new-generation coupe called the Q60. It unveiled its Concept prototype model in 2015 (which is in FH5 currently), showing what the new Infiniti coupe will be like.

It actually produces 400HP from its 3.0 VR30DDTT V6 engine. The 7-speed Automatic was its only transmission option as there is no Manual offered for this coupe. It can be either AWD or RWD but I think RWD will be more suitable enough for a coupe to make drifts.

Forza games NEEDED a production model Q60 already!!! Why do you still keep the Concept model anyways?

Fun fact: the Twin-turbo V6 engine from this car is now shared & used in the all-new Nissan Z.



The Infiniti Q60 Project Black S was conceived back in 2017 as a halo model, to add excitement to a struggling brand. And it would have been pretty interesting to say the least, with F1-inspired ERS and 563 PS. That was a combined output from the ERS, which makes around 160 PS in F1, and the Red Sport 400 twin-turbo V6. There was also a titanium exhaust, a proper rear diffuser and carbon fiber wing, producing significant downforce. The concept was updated slightly for 2018, but the writing was on the wall with Infiniti not getting anywhere near the sales they would have hoped for, and the project was canned in 2021. Interestingly, the same engine without the ERS power the new Nissan Z. It’s a shame the Project Black S never made it to showrooms, as it would have been cool to have a 600-odd PS hybrid coupe alongside the Nissan GT-R.


Much rather have this than that strange concept we have in game. Why have the concept version when we can have this and the Q60 Red Sport. Both are production version based models.

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For real ! Why the ugly concept when we already know there is a production version. Strange decisions from FORZA as always.



Mostly, it’s Horizon devs’ fault (known as Playground Games) because in FH5, yes we only have the CONCEPT Q60 in-game, which is now ridiculous because it’s in production already. And since it is the ONLY Infiniti car in FH5, it really pretended that Infiniti is ABSENT in-game. Till now, they still haven’t added the Production Q60 or any other Infiniti within the monthly updates.

And for Motorsport devs (Turn 10), they’re now bringing back the previous Infiniti cars in their new game coming soon and they are one of the Q60’s predecessors: G35 and IPL G37.

Feels like Turn 10 is getting the licenses with Infiniti more than Playground Games. So the production Q60 might most likely enter in the new Forza Motorsport. I hope it will be added in the Car Pass there.


The Infiniti Q60 has been discontinued last year (Q3 2022), so the Red Sport better make its debut to FH5 and Motorsport soon.

No plans for Infiniti to make a new successor for it.