Increasing Car Limit Up From 1000 [FH5 ✅]

I’ve been asking to add a simple current XP tally - plenty of space under the CR part on the menu.
That way, I can see if I’m getting close to a new levelup which I need to see to decide whether to do an online event and risk another forced wheelspin which will most likely drop another duplicate into the garage with no way to refuse. At the moment I need to keep a manual track on this but it’s hard when it never shows up till you rank up.

The forced cars from the festival playlist though are definitely the worst for filling your garage with duplicates. They must know that people playing from the start have all the old cars by now, so why not give us the option to choose another reward instead - XP for example - over taking the car.

I discussed this at length way back in May but still only on 75 votes at the moment.