Add New Options to receiving Duplicates

What do you reckon to having a choice about having to simply accept duplicates or the option to exchange for something you might actually want ? i.e. XP in my case.




Sadly - it never will be.
It was a lame idea from the outset.
Most (Not All) just dump cars that way.
It needs a whole reboot - First thing would be to see the car drop before you HAVE to take it.
Next would be adding people to gift to rather than the current random system.
They said they did that at the Christmas season but I could still never get that bit to work.
Why not add gifting of FP or CR or XP an option instead of a useless car ???

The only time the game asks you what to do with a duplicate is when it comes via a wheelspin. If it comes as a seasonal event reward or gift it goes straight in your inventory.

So there is a system in place, but why they didn’t extend it to all methods of getting cars, only the devs know.

The problem is exacerbated in that if you don’t wish to dump the cars as gifts you can try to auction them off, but half the time there’s no buyers, even bots and it just becomes a hassle to reclaim and then auction again.


Agreed - that’s why I also wanted to be able track my XP (in another thread) like we had in FH4 so if I was close to rank up and possible wheelspin car duplicate, I would rank up in Hooning or something instead of an online thing that wouldn’t give the option to sell back.
Would be simplest to apply the same rules to All wheelspins whether got in online or not. Only takes a second or two to decide to keep or dump and most of the intervals are huge time waiting anyway !!

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So many views but little votes.
Is everybody happy with these duplicates being added automatically ?
Seems to be the case. If not - stick a vote in at the top of the thread to see if we can get some sort of action from the devs…

I’m not sure about exchanging cars for XP, given that they’re supposed to be an award for getting XP in the first place, but I would absolutely love for wheelspins to stack up outside of races instead of being forced to spin them whilst in a lobby. Waiting times are the bane of online and always have been, and being delayed by that dumb podium screen after every single race rather than at the end of each tour is frustrating at best.

Relegating wheelspins to free roam only also eliminates the duplicate issue, since it’s the only time you can exchange the reward for cash outside of the auction house, and frankly the only time you’ll ever make money on the auction house is if you’re selling a seasonal exclusive.

Lastly, something unfortunate about the gift system is that if you could see the gift before you opened it, then it’s entirely likely that the cars people don’t want would just circulate forever, rendering the system useless.

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Well that kind of is the point. Basically to stop them from automatically spinning with no options but to accept whatever you get. I my case it’s usually duplicate cars that I don’t want or need hence the option for XP instead as that’s all I really look for now - not to buy / get new cars but just for ranking up.
Would agree that it would be better to have them stacked up for after the live event so you can at least choose what to do with them and yes the waiting times in the lobby would make giving the option to choose what to do with them at the time no less of a problem.

As far as the gift system goes, I gave up on it months ago. Pointless system unless you want to collect yet another load of unwanted cars or happen to be lucky to get a good one. Once the whole Kudos thing actually does anything then again - pointless…

I think they should prompt users whether they want a duplicate car added to their garage with a single option of YES. Similar to the confirmation prompt when changing cars.

I want the option to choose whether I want it or not regardless of it being during an online event which is where you don’t get the choice.
Also want to have other options instead - such as XP instead of forcing a duplicate that you don’t want or at least the option to save for later when you’re out of online event and can then make the decision…

Would be nice to have an option for a gifted car as well. Might have been stated already, I didn’t read through the whole thread. But it sure would be nice to be able to have a choice to take the car, the car’s value, or get some xp.

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Thanks for the vote.
The whole thread is basically about being given the choice to decide what to do with random wheelspins that just get added automatically. Main issue for me is the duplicate cars that I don’t want but have to accept just because it happens in a live event. I don’t really care what options they give ( though XP would be preferred over other things ) but just having the option is what I’m aiming at getting the devs to look at. It happens in offline events where you get the choice so why not in online ones as well ?
Your point on gift drops should also apply as you don’t know what you’re getting till you take it…

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At least we got a new duplicates filter confirmed now.

Yeah but that still doesn’t help with getting the duplicates that I don’t want to have.
Still don’t see why they can’t make All wheelspins a choice to accept or sell back, not just the offline ones.
Takes a couple of secs in an online event to decide and then you still get a huge load screen waiting time anyway for the next event.

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It could definitely be improved by just banking the spin for later.

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Agreed - that was another way to go…
Still can’t believe there’s been 291 views and only 10 votes.
Does that mean 281 people actually like having these useless cars automatically added to their garage ?
Edit - 293 now…

The vote function is pretty underutilized in general. Also, view count goes up every time anyone enters a thread, including yourself, so if you visit a thread ten times total, that will amount to ten views being visible in the view count.

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Appreciated but the view count isn’t the issue.
Want to get votes up there to hopefully get it into the devs consideration…