In need of cars please...

Hey guys!
So my FH save game got corrupted with my FM4,GTA V and other save games.
I had 100% career complete, but since my save game got corrupted I never started again. Until now…
So I saw the season pass for 5$, so I bought it and started to play again and I would really appreciate if some of you could gift me some cars, doesn’t matter if DLC cars or not. My GT is Armands007

Edit: By the way how to complete the Lamborghini road trip in MP? I tried with my friend, he had his Aventador and I was in my Diablo and we arrived at the ending point but it still showed that we are waiting for somebody although we were there, and we were the only people in the lobby. Any advice?

I wouldn’t mind giving any cars, especially when you consider I barely play this game anymore, unless it will be compatible for Xbox One (which I strongly hope). Anything under 5,000,000, I have 15,000,000.

By the way, I know it is when you lose your gamesaves - I lost them on every single games last year, and even the DLC, those gamesaves I earned when I had time to play Xbox a lot, not like now. It was a long road, and I didn’t complete it yet (moved on to Xbox One), however with the help of the amazing community, I had a few cars.

For the Lamborghini Challenge, I did a while ago, I don’t exactly remember how to complete it, as it was done two years ago. Although, I remember some challenges on line needing the help of four players, so check that.

Thanks for helping out, I hope that asking for a Shelby Cobra isn’t too much, really want to get that Snake Charmer achievement.
For the Lambo Challenge we just started at the wrong place, so that is done right now :smiley:

I lost my game save too Yet all my achievements and online stuff are still showing.
So if you did the snake charmer achievement it should still be there ?

It’s coming, I just didn’t have the time to play Xbox today.

It’s okay, was busy for the last two days playing the COD BO2 DLC zombie maps, really enjoy them with my friends :smiley: