I'm looking to join

Hello friends,

I’m a clean driver interested in joining a club or group of racers to have fun with. I’m normally online between 12 am and 6 am cst as i work a 2nd shift and during the day on weekends. I normally race GT R class but I’m down for whatever. Feel free to add an invite. My gamertag is IIxD3VOxII. Thank you.

If your looking for good clean racing with a family friendly community who understand that family comes first then Come and join in our site or check us out on twitter, face book and you tube.

Facebook : EVM Sports

Twitter : @TeamEvoulotion


if you are free 6.30pm UK time for 90mins, then we’re currently running an IndyCar series, and soon be starting a new series once that finishes. If interested head on over to :

Check this site out if you want casual. Plenty of banter, OS tunes, plenty on every night, some series, HLCs, and now Drift Mondays, if sideways is your way.