Ideas For Other Ways to Distribute New Series Cars Apart from The Festival Playlist

So I’ve chatted a couple times about removing the festival playlist to make fh5 feel like a much different experience than fh4. The one question is, what should be put in place of it if it gets removed? I’ve got some ideas. One idea is to use accolades to earn new series cars. For example say there’s an Italian themed series, make an accolade that say if you win 5 races in an Italian car you get the new vehicle upon completing it. Another idea is using expeditions and making remixes of them to earn new vehicles. Some other ideas of mine would be participating specifically in events tied towards new update themes and rewards. Like say if playground introduced 30 player races, you participate in 3 of those, you win the new car. Or purchasing it in the forzathon shop which could get players doing more horizon arcades and forzathon challenges. Or completing an eliminator objectives like say eliminate 2 drivers using 3 different vehicles and complete the match. Those are just some ideas of what could be a better replacement for the festival playlist. I’d love to hear everybody elses idea and opinions on the matter. Go team Forza!

I would make the skills editable instead. So first I would make the cars easier to get, but then you play seasonal events for skill badges that you can apply to the cars… to any car you want, but each skill can only be applied once. Having applied a skill to a car you can now sell it in the auction house as a car with a rare skill. So for example the FE cars that we have now could be any car. So any car can have FE added to it, and be sold in the auction house. Which means for example that you can buy a Capri FE again for 20M. Which also means that you can make any car valuable that you like. The auction house would need to show the badges added to each car so that you can decide what to buy.

So my idea switches the idea away from cars, and towards badges for cars.

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I want series 10 to be Italian themed that also mixed with convertibles cars, I hope they will add the 2018 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, I hate the J so much

Guys, AventadorFan443 hates the J.

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I mean that is a good idea but I’m talking about replacements for the festival playlist to make the game feel different from fh4.

Btw guys let’s try and keep the subject on topic. These are good topics but I’m talking about potential features to replace the festival playlist to make the game feel different than fh4

OK, but you didn’t say that in the OP. You said find other ways to get the cars apart from the playlist. I removed the cars from the playlist, so I was on topic. I changed the cars for badges. The cars are now not in the playlist. So you could just buy them in the Forza Shop, or get them from wheelspins. But I also made it so that the Auction House was improved too… so bonus!!!

Anyway this has been moved into a dead forum now so it will not be noticed by anyone apart from previous posters. You would think that moderators would know that.