Idea for New Forza App

I have been thinking about this for a week now and was hoping that maybe no one has brought this up before. You know how bungie has the Destiny App where it is linked to your account and you can manage inventory, items and etc. Why couldn’t you guys do the same. The benefits for what I would use it for are going through all my vehicles to delete unwanted tunes. It sucks to spend hours loading into each car to delete tunes to free up space, while I could be actually playing the game on the precious time I have to be online. Maybe you could even be able to add tunes or add, delete or create designs. This way we would be able to save time and do it from our phones. I really hope this reaches someone and actually sparks an idea to look into it. If Destiny can do it. I’m sure you and Microsoft could figure something out. Please anyone add some ideas and thoughts.