I'd Like To Have A BMW M2 '23 Or A BMW M3 Comp Or A BMW M4 Comp

I Only Have 17 Million, I dont know if it is enough but tell me how much should I save for at least one of them.

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I have an M2 I’d give it to ya for 25 mil

Can I buy it for 20mill?

You know what I’m feeling nice today sure!

I’ll DM you on xbox


I’m gonna be available around an hour or 2.


I’m available right now I’ll dm you

bro I want one I dont have them

I have all 3 feel free to dm on Discord please.
Xbox doesn’t give me notifications so I might not see it.

ok what is your name on discord?


sorry that I am late I forgot that I have this forum

i got all three of em, message me on xbox @Crumb4518

sorry I already got the cars I wanted