I would pay anything for these 5 cars

Long time Forza Motorsport fan here, I have been playing Forza since Forza Motorsport 2 and I have bought every game since then.
This is by far my favourite car game to date, I have a list of my 5 favourite cars that I would absolutely love to see in Forza Horizon 2 or a new Forza :slight_smile:

Toyota Cressida

Nissan Laurel

HSV Maloo Ute


Mitsubishi Magna VRX

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Awesome suggestions! But you’ll need to post about them in the dedicated FH2 car wishlist thread if you want the devs to see your request.

Good luck man! I’d love to see some new Australian cars myself. ; )

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Nice choices, but there’s 5 cars i’d pay anything for as well, and pretty much everyone on this forum too lol.

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How about you pay a visit to the FH2 car wish thread!


He’s been provided a link to the wishlist thread, no reason to get angry with him. We all make mistakes.

Now, if he posts another wishlist outside of that sticky thread, then getting upset with him would be justified.

Please use the wishlist linked above for all car requests, thanks.