I want the Honda Civic Type R 2018

Hi guys, I managed to get the civic 04’ but i still need the 18’ to be happy in my life :wink: I don’t care if you guys want to trade or if you want cash, I got a lot of “Rare” cars, just ask me :smiley:

If you have a Honda civic type r 2018 can i get it from you for any in game price? My GT: BMM454
Cause I accidentally sold it trying to sell different civic so if just send a message to that GT.

Sorry Bro if i manage to get the Type R 18’ i won’t sell it, if I got a second one maybe (just maybe)

I have 8 Honda civics 18 what you offering for 1 and I have spare capri few aswell

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Please :grimacing: I also would like to buy one

Very interested and have credits. Would love to buy one. Please DM me in game.

Do you still have one to sell?

Do you have anymore? I’ve been looking for one for soooo long please respond so we can work something out if you want to get rid of 1

Do you have 1 more honda civic 18’?

can i buy one please!!! ID: Jaygivenchy

How much do you want to sell Honda Civic Type R 2018 ? I need 1 :sob:

I know this is hella late but got any left? I’ll give $5 million plus a couple FE cars

Do you have Lamborghini Aventador SV?

I got 1 for 32,000k today. They are more likely to pop up cheap this week

Will trade any rare car, X million credits, for a type r 18

I would like to buy one :grimacing::sob: