I need help!!

Well. I only just started drifting a few weeks ago after buying at wheel. Kinda got used to it on fm5 but i was using other peoples tunes. Now i have fm6 I wanna be able to tune my own but am absolutely clueless on how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Bud I have some tunes on my Youtube channel that I use with a wheel at KAMIKAZExTURTLE - YouTube and also have some builds and tuning guides for wheels on our forum at www.pendulumtuning.freeforums.org hope that helps u out bud.

Step 1: Use these forums. The Drift Paddock is full of info on this question.

Step 2: Implement said tuning information to your FM6 game.

Step 3: Practice. Practice. Practice.

Step 4: Profit.

I don’t trust any info off these forums its been stretched and stepped on with all the bad information passed around… step 3 pretty sure and hope everyone instinctively knows, but the truth is your best bet is to just go do public drifting and find the big runners and ask them, information is heresay or vids on the forum… go where you actually see people doing it and ask them. Public might not be fun and its always the fight against the tandems vs points but if you see someone throwing down big consistent laps I’m almost willing to bet they don’t look here.

id say google some real life drift tune suspension setups. this will help with the toe caster camber spring rate, and tire pressure. as for gearing do whatever fits your drift style but make sure the gears are shoert enough, or your car has enough power to keep your wheels spinning. as for differential always have it at 100 on drift cars. hope this has helped in some way

What works for me on every car i tune since FM2 is my Base tune.

Everything stiffer in the front ( exept MR and RR cars )
Tyre psi 33 - 37 front
28 - 33 rear
Camber 2,5+ front
1,0 rear
Toe - some positiv toe on front around +0,3-+1,0 IF IM ON A CONTROLLER!

Caster - around 6.0+

Arb - example 25 front 18 rear

Springs - example 600 front 450 rear

I often make everything a little softer but always keep front abit stiffer than rear.

Diff i always run 95 acc and around 80 decel rear.

Try it and go from there.
And dont forget to tune ur gears on a track with big sweepers and thigt corners.