I have a spare '04 Subaru that is sat gathering virtual dust sat in my garage..........

Is there a kind soul around that is willing to trade the above for a Monte Carlo?

If the swap is not appealing the let me know what you are looking for.

Please message me in the xbox app, GT: SCOOBY COLLINS


Why are you not just playing the Story? Lul

Not that i need to justify myself to anybody especially someone who has nothing better to do with their day than leave unhelpful comments but i play this game on pc rather than console and use a sim racing setup rather than a controller.

Yes it is my choice to do so as it can be alot more immersive but also it’s substantially more difficult, you should give it a go sometime :wink:

if still available I’m willing to trade for a Aston martin Vulcan FE or something else that I have got a abundance of Alumicraft FE’s and others :slight_smile: