I finally got my 10,000,000cr... Now what should I do with it?

There are a lot of things that I can do with 10,000,000cr, but I don’t know what I really want to get. I know that I don’t want a Ford GT40 though…

What are your thoughts? What are the nicest cars to cruise with?

When I get 10 million credits I’m gonna buy Bamburgh Castle to get the awesome antique Barn Find and 10 Super Wheelspins. And the achievement for buying a castle.


Fair warning, the thing takes forever to be restored. I’m currently at “rust repair” and it’s been about 3 days almost. Lol. But don’t worry, if you want he can push aside his other work and restore it right away for 7+m Cr.

Interesting … maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but I don’t remember waiting a long time for it to be restored.

Maybe I’m just not playing enough for it to go faster then. Lol. I just wanna drive it and every time I look it’s not ready.

Awesome??? It’s a Sucky Range Rover that you’ll never use that takes about 10 hours of game time to restore

But, if you are an achievement hunter,as I am, Bamburgh Castle gives the the achievement for owning a castle and gives the necessary poor barn find needed for the 15 barn finds achievement.

That’s the reason I bought it.

The Bamburgh Barn Find is the Bentley Blower. I believe the Range Rover is the Winter Barn Find.

I have the Range Rover barn find and I don’t have the castle. Pretty sure the castle has the 30’s Bentley barn find which would probably be an expensive car if offered in game.

It is the '31 Bentley.

What 5,000,000+ cars are fun to cruise with?

I bought Bamburgh, because castle.
P.s. it didn’t take any longer than other cars to be restored, for me.

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… save it! the game hasn’t been out that long, so we haven’t seen all FH4 has to offer. in addition to new vehicles being released, maybe they will expand the map, or add new properties we haven’t seen yet. if you blow thru all that money now, you might regret it.

I’m sitting on 13.5m and wondering the same thing. I think the best “bang for your buck” is probably Bamburgh Castle, as others have mentioned.
You get a cool vintage car, an achievement and 10 super wheelspins for 10m, which isn’t bad.

I have only bought one car, the hot hatch for the first weeky challenge. I have made over 20 million so far and have used it for the 10 million castle and the rest of the houses. now I am saving 15 million for the other castle and then ill just hoard my money.

I saved til 15 mil to get the longest grind in the game out of the way. The super wheelspins helped with the start of the next grind a lot, and included some good cars. And it has the cooler bonus car between the castles. If felt like it was a better deal than just getting one car for 10 mil … but results from super wheelspins may vary (legal disclaimer at the end of a castle commercial).

OP, please buy the Jaguar E Type Lightweight so I can live vicariously through you.

I’ve been saving up for it. Currently at around 6.5m but it seems like that castle is a better buy… I might have to wait even longer to get my E Type now. :disappointed:

If you want an E Type, you get one in a barn find and the E Type can have its chrome bits removed. So, I have no plans for getting one of those…

You can buy it for only 1m from the AH.

I think barn finds will go faster if you do more events. Most of the time I get my barn find finished after a couple of races and normally less than an hour. I’ve never waited long to drive a barn find.