I don't really get the restrictions in FM7. Can I still tune cars or how does it work?

I’ve been playing FM7 for the first time the past few days. It’s been the first time since FM4 that I’ve played a Forza Motorsport game. I’ve played FH3, 4 and 5 too. Normally you race in cars that are in a certain car class, for example A701. That means you can tune it to A800 and it will still be in A-class and so will your opponents be. But in FM7 there are restrictions to keep things balanced. I don’t really get where this comes from?? Isn’t the whole PI system balanced already?? When I want to remove the restriction of the Civic Type-R it says that it’s above the restriction. I can still use it in races but what’s the whole point of it?? I’m only at the Seeker championship in the beginning so not really familiar with FM7 yet. And I haven’t completed all races in it yet (although I have won the championship). Kind of confusing compared to how it normally worked.

There two modes of restriction in FM7 - traditional A, B, C, D etc and homologation. Traditional is easy - classes change at a fixed numerical value - you pass the limit you change the class. Homologation is defined by a more generic definition of vehicle type e.g. Hot Hatch, Forza Touring Car, Forza P1 etc. The restriction here is a combination of maximum tyre width, maximum HP and maximum PI. When you create or participate in any race, the restriction will then be a particular Car Division (this means homologation) or Car Class (X, R, S, A, B etc visible under Advanced Rules for the race setup). Eligible entrants for a race are then determined by a car that meets both of these criteria. Using the Civic Type R as an example, if you want to upgrade it say to an A class A700, then it will only be eligible for a race where you have the Car Division set to ANY since it’s default Car Division (homologation) has a PI max of C300 plus the tyre width and HP limits).

Bottom line you can save a tune beyond any restrictions indicated but will then have to be aware of which races it is now eligible for. Any time you have a problem entering your car into a race check the Car Division setting - that is most likely the one that is stopping you from using that car in that race. Once you understand how the two limits interact, you can make up your own races and use any car combinations that you wish.

Have fun…

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