I do a 60 mile round trip to work each day on single track A roads..............................

… and I swear to god that my real life 2012 honda civic 2.2 diesel sticks to the road 10 times better than many of the supercars and racecars I have driven in Forza. (OK I exaggerate slightly)

Dont get me wrong, I love the game and the FFB with the Thrustmaster TX is amazing, but the ridiculous understeer is killing the game for me, as is the totally broken (lets all brake half way up Au Rouge for no apparent reason) drivatar system.

Anyone else driving to work in their mundane family hatchback and realising it handles better than a Rahal Letterman BMW M3 ???

I too use the thrustmaster tx and I have the same experience. I think it is something wrong with the wheel rather than the game. The game controller acts differently. The wheel seems to impart an insane oscillation to the car at any speed from which there is no recovery. Adjusting settings does nothing.

Driving a normal car with the wheel is nothing like actually driving a real car.

However, the wheel is absolutely brilliant with the lotus f1 car and most of the p class cars. It doesn’t understeer or induce rabid countersteer at all on the lotus.

This being said, only some users of the wheel seem to be experiencing odd behavior.

I am going to try the mad catz wheel when it comes out to see if it behaves differently.

It’s not the wheel - I also use the TX wheel and set some good laptimes. You need to check your deadzone settings and once you have that set its all about your tuning. Most of my tunes need an adjustment to the break bias - usually 40% to the front. Makes a huge difference to steering in turns.

Yeah, I play with a controller and haven’t noticed any bad understeer from cars. Unless you are just pushing them far too hard. As GsR Roush said, it could be your dead zones. That, and I don’t really know the Thrustmaster wheel very well, but do you have it set to 270 degrees, or the full 900 degrees? I think those are the right numbers.