I am currently playing forza 4 & need cars.

Is there anyone that can gift me unicorn cars or just normal cars on forza 4. Any vehicle is accepted but cars over $500,000 are wanted enourmously along with unicorns. If you can do this friend me on xbox live (TehWalrus2234) and gift me the car or cars.

If there will be someone gifting you a unicorn (beside T10 staff) and you accept it,your FM 4 experience will end soon.

Gifting unicorns sets off a flag and leads to banning. Only T10 can give away unicorns and they stopped.

For regular cars I can send you some cars or you can put an Abarth up in the auction house for 10-15mil and I’ll buy it from you and you can buy your own cars, let me know

@SalientBeing will do and also i will friend you on xbox so I can msg you when I want to do that as I don’t have gold at the moment. But if you could do that that would be awesome!