How to use newly added NVIDIA Ansel support?

NVIDIA Ansel support was recently added for the game on PC, however I cannot get it working. Every time I press Alt + F2 in-game it asks me to restart the game to get the feature working.

Does anybody have any idea how to get this working?

Bruh, what do you need ansel for if we got the photo mode?

That’s kind of like asking why we play on PC when the game is available on console. FH4 Photo Mode is poor when compared to ansel.

I have tested this and get the same result (RTX 2060, 461.92 drivers). The nVidia GeForce Experience overlay tells me to restart the game to enable the feature.

For all the potential benefits of Ansel, I wonder if it still uses accumulation buffering for AA, motion blur and depth-of-field like the regular photo mode.