How to popularize my designs

Hi, someone helps me with the popularization of my designs, because my designs are so good, more are not popularized. Who can help I thank you

You need to learn how to post pictures on here, and other sites. You could also use famous characters in your designs, and pick ones that haven’t been done before… like Batwoman for example. TV, and movies are automatically popular. You can make sure that the search picks up your description keywords better. You could win competitions which get pushed to the front of the Menus of Foza Horizon 4.

Paint something good, and do all those things.

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Pretty much what Aqua said. Keywords in descriptions help a lot & popular paints (Rockstar, Redbull Monster energy, etc…) Also, I think being in a bigger club will help as well (when members of the same club search for designs/tunes they’ll most likely see your design pop up first)

Promoting your designs help a lot as Aqua said. Share photos of your designs on Xbox Clubs (Horizon Club, Forza Club, CAR RACING360, etc…) on this site, IG/FB Forza groups.

Livery Contest helped me a lot (even though my paints aren’t amazing, some have won)

  • If it ever starts up again, enter your work in those contests *

But without sites/social media/clubs & would say Popular designs & keywords in the description is the best route.


Basically get default design, post it in game, get super popular.

Apparently that’s how it’s done going from what I’ve seen, especially on new cars.

Enter contests, check the ones posted in the forum [PTG] and [BFD], also post on instagram with good hashtags #forzashare #watchthisforza #bestforzadesigns etc that’s what had kind of worked for me, but i would mostly recommend you to not worry about how popular your livery gets, you will always be dissapointed, even awesome liveries made by extremely talented creators get often blocked at less than 100 downloads. Just create what you like and enjoy the process. :wink:

Just be you and like your work. Don’t let others dictate how you are and what you do. Honestly I left the forums it’s dead now. I moved to social media these days. Paint for yourself and let your work speak for itself.

hope that helps.
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